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Mint your own NFT on Binance Smart Chain

Category: Guides Published: Sunday, 28 February 2021 Written by Altcoin

The NFT hype is here, putting all kind of artwork, gifs and drawings on the blockchain

Non Fungible Tokens, or NFT's for short, have taken the cryptocurrency communities en massè. These early adopters of a tech that will change the way our world works may seem a bit silly, valuing tiny drawings in thousands of dollars, but fact is the underlying contract tech may change how we view ownership of anything from artworks to stocks, cars or property. A NFT is basically an onchain contract, where the owner of the contract owns the underlying asset.

I am now going to show you how to mint your own NFT on Binance Smart Chain, through the popular BakerySwap platform. To do this you need a little BNB, which can be bought at Binance.com, Hotbit.com, Mandala.exchange or crex24.com, as well as many other exchanges.

You also need a wallet to connect to BSC. Metamask is a good one, and is included in Brave browser, which I recommend to use for safety measures. You can find how to connect the wallet to BSC here: https://docs.binance.org/smart-chain/wallet/metamask.html

Finally you need your own artwork, I created one in Paint for the case of this article: 

Once you have your wallet loaded with some BNB you can go to www.bakeryswap.org/#/exchange/new-artworks, where you will see this:

You can probably guess where to go here, click the Mint Artworks button.

This is the easiest solution I have seen for minting your own artwork NFT's, but it might not be the best for a house contract.

The current cost is 0.03 BNB, this varies with the cost of BNB.

Details to fill in are Artwork Name, Artist Name, Public Profile and Brief introduction.

Here you simply fill in the details, upload your picture, agree to the disclaimer at the bottom, click the Mint button and apprive the trasnaction popping up in your wallet.

Once it is confirmed on chain your artwork appears as Pending in my-new-artworks. In my case the approval took about 15 minutes.

Make sure you got enough space around your NFT, and keep it in a 3:4 ratio. My first NFT got a little cut off on the sides as it didn't keep those ratios.

To list your NFT in the supermarket click the Approve NFT Supermarket button and confirm the transaction popping up in your wallet.

Once your artwork is approved, you may set a price on it and it will be listed on the NFT Supermarket.

In my case I set a price of 25 BAKE, and you can find it here: https://www.bakeryswap.org/#/exchange/new-artworks/artworkInfo/1709/1/1