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Start farming WEED for profit harvests

Category: Guides Published: Wednesday, 24 February 2021 Written by Altcoin

Wait, what? Farming WEED? Isn't that illegal?

Calm down, this WEED is legal to farm. It's not what you think though cool

Kief - Wikipedia

I am now going to show you how you can farm WEED token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)!

This is a yield farming token on the Dankswap decentralized token exchange.

To use this you will need BNB for fees, and also to buy WEED with. You can buy BNB on binance.com as well as many other exchanges.

You also need a wallet to connect to BSC. Metamask is a good one, and is included in Brave browser, which I recommend to use for safety measures. You can find how to connect the wallet to BSC here: https://docs.binance.org/smart-chain/wallet/metamask.html

Once you have your wallet loaded with some BNB you can go to Dankswap, The dankest AMM and yield farming platform on the Binance Smart Chain 

WARNING: Developers of Dankswap have been missing the last days! 
Check on social media if anything has changed before investing here!

If you are not asked to connect your wallet, click Connect up in right corner, or Unlock Wallet. Accept Dankswap to view your address. Your address will now appear in upper-right corner.

Next go to Trade in the menu at left and choose Exchange. This is where you buy WEED tokens, and you will be presented this screen:

BNB is preselected in the FROM box, simply select WEED in the TO box. You do not want to buy WEED for more than half of your BNB, as you need both later on to provide a Liquidity Pair, generating LP tokens by which you farm to generate revenue. Also keep in mind you need a little BNB to pay for fees, since everything happen on BSC blockchain. When you put a number in either From or To box a green SWAP button will appear. Click it to initiate the trade, a pop-up will present you with the trade numbers, click Confirm Swap there. Your Metamask wallet will open, click confirm there and wait for blockchain confirmation. 

You just bought your first WEED, congrats!
Ganja Farmer

Next step is to provide liquidity in order to generate your LP tokens. Click Liquidity above the Swap box, or in menu > Trade > Liquidity. Then click the green Add Liquidity button.

Here again, select WEED in the bottom Input box, then click the MAX to add all your WEED to liquidity. Click the green SUPPLY button appearing.

A confirmation box will pop up, and you will see how many BNB/WEED Pool Tokens you will receive. These are your LP tokens used to yield farm.

Click Confirm Supply, and your wallet will once again pop up asking to confirm or reject the transaction. Click confirm, and wait for the transaction to be approved on the blockchain.

Once it is approved you will see your LP TOKENS IN YOUR WALLET below the Liquidity box. Then you can go to the farming page, click Dankfarms in the left menu.

Since you added liquidity to WEED-BNB you will farm on this farm:

Click Approve Contract, and confirm in your wallet. This allows Dankswap to spend your Weed-LP tokens. 

Next click the + sign and select MAX in the popup appearing.

Click Confirm, review the transaction in your wallet and confirm there as well. Wait for the transaction to be approved on the blockchain.

Congrats, you are now yield farming WEED, and will soon see your revenue grow under WEED EARNED!

You can harvest anytime, but remember it cost a little BNB for every transaction, so let your WEED bags grow. 

You can also Unstake Dankswap LP tokens clicking the - sign, but why do you want to do that cool


DISCLAIMER: Cryptocurrencies are very volatile, and tokens very much so. This article is NOT a financial advice!